How much do you understand your clients…..?

My alarm goes off at 6.30am and the radio immediately comes on, keeping me company as I shower, choose my clothes and do my make up. On the way to work I’ll switch between apps, checking Instagram and Twitter before arriving at work where I flick through the papers. In the office, the radio is on as background noise with our workday punctuated by conversations about dinner, brainstorming for clients and pitching to papers. All the while our fingers tap away at keyboards and our eyes fixate on the monitor in front of us.

At night I’ll relax by reading or catching up on a box set on TV, I’ll listen to music while I prepare dinner and talk with my partner about our day. On those nights that I find it hard to fall asleep, I’ll listen to a podcast until I drop off. It took an awareness training day to show me just how much of my day is reliant upon being able to see and hear, senses that so many of us take for granted.

Sight loss affects over 180,000 people in Scotland, while 945,000 have some degree of hearing loss. North East Sensory Services (NESS) assists those living with sensory loss through practical support, as well as holding a number of interactive sensory awareness training days throughout the year. These are aimed at providing participants with a better understanding of the emotional and practical impact of sight and hearing loss, as well as the physical.

At my session, run by Training and Information Officer Libby Hillhouse, we experienced the challenges faced by the charity’s service users. From navigating a busy street while blindfolded, to attempting to lip-read complex statements, it gave our group a useful insight into how we can be more supportive of friends, family and colleagues living with sensory loss.

The charity, which operates in Moray, Aberdeen City and Shire, Angus, and Dundee, acknowledges that mental health can be adversely affected. Feeling overwhelmed, they have found some service users withdraw, thereby increasing the chance of isolation. NESS works actively to counter this by focusing on the importance of social inclusion through a broad range of projects and initiatives.

Residential weekends for young people, a comprehensive audio library, a dedicated ICT facility showcasing the huge range of technology available to deal with daily life, a fitness suite and café are all available at the main office in Aberdeen, with long-term loans offered on equipment such as telephones and alarm clocks.

Naturally for a charity with as broad a scope as this, NESS relies heavily on fundraising to support its work. Events ranging from race nights to its hugely popular Savour, where guests are treated to a four course meal by some of Scotland’s top chefs, allow the community to get behind this vital work and ensure that those people living with sensory loss can continue to live full and active lives.

For more information about NESS  and the services it provides, please visit For more information on Savour 2018, which is on 24th March at The Marcliffe, please email or call 0345 271 2345


Don’t be a prized turkey… instead, give your competition a good stuffing

You’ve no doubt heard of client expectation versus client budget. However, what about client expectation versus a PR expert’s expectation?

A major part of our role is ensuring that we meet clients’ needs and deliver what they want, when they want it, but quite often clients don’t really know precisely what is required and that’s when a good PR expert comes to the fore.

Sometimes we need a crystal ball, sometimes we need to dilute pages of information and that’s ok, because every client is different and every campaign needs a different approach.

And if you’ve ever questioned why you need a good PR rather than doing it yourself, the proof should be in the (Christmas) pudding!

The main photo accompanying this is a perfect example of what a client provides versus what we produced. It also demonstrates the trust that our client has in us to take the information they give us to deliver an eye-catching result.

In this case, we worked with our media contacts to pitch in an article for one of our food clients on how to create the perfect Christmas feast. Sharing the news with our client, we asked for some guidance on preparing the article since they had 30 years’ experience in the catering industry.

Soon afterwards, we were given a sheet from a notebook with a hand written recipe for cooking a turkey roast. From this, we had to produce a 900-word article, with accompanying photographs for a double page magazine feature.

Apart from the client’s hand written note, we took care of the rest. All they had to do thereafter was approve our written work. We then liaised directly with the publication to ensure everything was in place for a superb feature and the client was delighted with the result.

So, when you question the value of hiring in a good PR, it’s worth weighing up the time it would take you to deliver the same results and build the same media contacts. Time is money after all and if you can find a PR person that you can trust to deliver your vision, it is worth every penny.

As we all make grand plans to grow our sales in 2018, remember that your time is best spent doing what you’re good at…so invite experts into your team to help you deliver great expectations.


PR Account Manager – full-time


Frasermedia has an opportunity for an experienced PR professional to join its dynamic, PR and marketing consultancy based at the company’s west end Aberdeen office.

This is a key role working with a range of clients from small businesses through to major corporate oil and gas clients.

The ideal candidate must have previous PR experience working directly with clients and be confident in dealing with businesses of various sizes. A clear understanding of, and interest in, the oil & gas industry would be preferred. We would also consider an experienced Senior PR Account Executive.

You will need to be creative and focussed on generating regular client media coverage and generating fresh, vibrant ideas to raise profile and brand awareness for our growing list of clients.

Key responsibilities would include: managing individual PR clients, writing concise, accurate press releases in a timely manner and generating fresh angles to target specific local and international media, creating and delivering eye-catching PR and marketing campaigns, building media relationships and attracting new client accounts.

An excellent salary and benefits package will be offered to the ideal candidate.

Job requirements

Including but not limited to;

Previous relevant PR experience

PR or Journalism qualification

Excellent writing and communication skills with high level of grammatical accuracy

Ability to liaise directly with and manage clients

Must be efficient and organised with ability to meet tight deadlines

Good knowledge of social media

Good media contacts

Willing to work flexible hours on occasion

Must be presentable, enthusiastic, creative and a team player

Closing date for applications – Thursday 21st December 2017

If you think you could add value to our award winning PR consultancy, please email your CV to Managing Director, Pauline Fraser –

Do not read this blog




Well, aren’t you a little rebel, we’ll get along just fine!

Now I have your attention it’s my job to keep it and nobody likes a dull blog…so let’s do this in verse.

Every day is a school day, so they say,
You want to improve your skills, but there are obstacles in your way.
Then it’s too late when you speak to the media or make a presentation,
And the mere thought makes you want to go into hibernation.

But there’s no need to be afraid, and not want to step forward,
Take fate into your own hands, be confident and not awkward.
Be a brave company spokesperson on the evening news,
Be brave enough to publicly outline your views.

Who wants to endure boring and dull classroom training?
Not us, and that’s why our media and presentation courses are far from draining.
We create realistic crisis scenarios that will keep your attention.
And our media experts will ease your tension. (honest!)

As journalists, TV presenters and camera crew, we know the secrets of the trade.
And by the end of your day with us, you’ll not be afraid.
You’ll love journalists and be a great spokesperson for your organisation.
And you’ll be desperate to address the nation or deliver that next presentation.

Yes, we’ll put you through your paces and ask some tough questions,
We may film you, and come back with improvement suggestions.
But trust us, in our relaxed environment, you won’t feel the stress,
You’ll enjoy every minute and learn a lot in the process.

We’ve trained oil and gas experts, airport staff and business owners on demand,
And Government teams, bookmakers and even The Church of Scotland!
Our team delivers the training needs of each and every client,
We tailor our courses whether you’re an individual, or a global oil giant.

So forget your usual boring classroom style learning,
Have a chat with us for the type of training you’re yearning.
There’s no point in approaching lots of companies to put them to the test,
You’re wasting your time because Team Frasermedia is the best!

Are you a giver or a taker?

FM blog.JPGIt’s easy in business to roll with the good times and batten down the hatches in the tough times and, as the well-known saying goes, charity begins at home. Right?

Well, I’d disagree. Although in business you have to manage your cashflow and look after your internal interests first, it’s also important that you don’t become self centred and just constantly take, take, take, as greed is a very unattractive trait, not just personally but on a corporate level too.

It’s been a tricky few years for many to navigate, and charities have not been immune to the effects of the economy. I understand, most of us just can’t offer the same level of financial support as before to charities but there are many other ways businesses can still work to give, give, give.

We’ve been ten years in business and right from the start there has always been a determination to give something back to the community that we benefit from. Regardless of the size of a business, corporate social responsibility is not only about supporting charities, it’s about encouraging teamwork, boosting team morale and showing your clients and potential clients that you have a sense of obligation to do the right thing.

So, what can you do to help? Well, here’s what we do.

We are currently working with a local business to deliver PR and event management services to North East Sensory Services. As part of that, the company sponsors our time and we also add in additional time to give the charity even more support to grow their brand. One of our team has also ran in races and taken part in events to raise money for NESS, giving something back on a personal level too.

I’ve also been heavily involved in a committee which organises a huge ladies event in Aberdeen which has so far raised more than £½million for Action Medical Research. Here, I donate a huge amount of personal time and some business resources to help organise the event and each year we raise around £100k, which is a phenomenal boost for the charity.

With a base in Inverness, it was important to me that we were also offering a level of support up there too, therefore we donate a day a month PR time to Archie Highland to help them continually keep the profile raised which helps with their on-going fundraising activities. As a thank you to us, the charity has a Frasermedia room at the fabulous new children’s unit at Raigmore Hospital, which is a lovely accolade to my team.

In addition, I’ve donated my time to MC many a local charity event, waiving my fee, and sold hundreds of raffle tickets.

In the good times, it’s easy for us all to donate an auction or raffle prize but in tougher times there are definitely other ways to support our charities and some would argue more rewarding ways!

So, do you want to be a giver or taker? I know what we choose at Frasermedia and from a PR point of view, it’s good for your reputation too.

Senior PR Account Executive/PR Account Manager (Inverness)

Loch_Ness_Monster 2.jpg

Do you love PR?

Do you love working with fantastic clients?

Do you love the Scottish Highlands?

Yes? Well, it’s time to join a creative, award-winning PR team.

We have a rare opportunity for a driven, self-starter to join our team as a Senior PR Account Executive or a PR Account Manager, depending on experience.

The role is currently part-time and you will be based in our modern Inverness office.

You will be responsible for looking after our PR clients in the Highlands and have a flair for developing and delivering creative and eye-catching PR campaigns. We work with clients in a variety of industries, so every day will certainly be different!

You will need to be a good communicator who is confident in dealing with company owners and directors and excellent writing skills is essential.

The role will also give you the chance to attend local networking events and develop the Frasermedia client base in the Highlands. The ideal candidate should have previous PR experience working directly with clients or a background in journalism – both would be even better!

Joining our friendly team, you will need to be creative and focussed on generating regular client media coverage and generating fresh, vibrant ideas to raise profile and brand awareness for our growing list of clients.

Key responsibilities would include: working directly with individual PR clients, writing concise, accurate press releases and generating fresh angles to target specific local and international media, creating and delivering eye-catching PR and marketing campaigns, building media relationships and attracting new client accounts.

Job requirements

Including but not limited to;

Previous PR experience (minimum 2 years)

PR or Journalism qualification

Excellent writing and communication skills

Excellent English grammar, punctuation and spelling

Excellent time management

Confidence to liaise directly with clients

Ability to meet tight deadlines

Must be efficient, organised self starter

Key team player

Journalism skills preferred

Good knowledge of social media

Good media contacts

Willing to work flexible hours on occasion

Must be presentable, enthusiastic, creative and hard working

Closing date for applications – Friday 22nd September 2017

Email you CV to

We didn’t half show them

36902101081_7e1bbec07a_o.jpgFor the past two years I have watched business people with their shoulders hunched and head down as they drag their feet along West End pavements, the effects of the market in the city etched clearly across their faces.

However, welcoming visitors from across the globe to our city for Offshore Europe this week appears to have given us a kick up the backside, as we’ve pulled our shoulders back, held our heads high and proved what a resilient bunch we really are.

Anyone who ventured around the show, or attended any of the seminars or events couldn’t fail to feel the air of optimism, not only at OE but also around the city. The show may not have been the same scale as previous but it punched with positive vibes. Our city has been buzzing all week…well into the early hours!

Yes, we have shown visitors that we are well and truly open for business, and that resilience and enthusiasm will work towards giving the industry confidence in the businesses, skills and expertise that we have here in the North-east.

Now, as the show draws to a close there will have been good business done, deals agreed, potentials in the pipeline and many a hangover, but it’s important that we don’t quickly forget the positive vibes.

Let’s not fall back into that two-year habit of dragging our feet and gazing at the pavement, let’s keep our shoulders back and our heads held high and benefit from the vibe left from another successful Offshore Europe.

So, what now for your business after spending the past week introducing yourself to your target audience? Are you just going to head back to the office, hope they remember you and wait for the phone to ring?

Or are you going to keep the momentum going and start to really ramp up your business profile so those contacts you made will have little chance of forgetting who you are and what you could bring to the table?

I’m guessing most of you are swaying towards option two. If so, here are five suggestions to get you to the next step.

  • Firstly, don’t do it yourself. Talk to a professional PR/marketing company and get the support you need to grow your business – leave it to the experts and then you can spend your time doing what you do best.   Your company reputation is priceless, don’t undervalue an experienced PR pro.


  • Set goals and targets and build a PR plan with your PR expert. There has to be a structure and any PR and marketing should work in conjunction with your growth plans.


  • Work out if you would like your PR pro working remotely for your business or if you would prefer them to work in-house with you. Most agencies can offer both options.


  • Think about a budget and how much you would like to invest in PR, marketing and advertising. A good PR pro should have good media and advertising contacts to help you get the most from your campaigns.


  • Find someone who is not only skilled and experienced in PR and marketing, but someone that you can work well with. Business is all about relationships so you need to be able to trust each other, respect each other enjoy working with each other. PR doesn’t work if communication is poor, it’s a two way process.

So, it’s now up to you whether you want to go for it or continue with the doom and gloom!

As we’ve seen this past week, there’s a whole big world outwith Aberdeen and all those visitors came to our city to support us and support the industry, so let’s get back to it and shout about the fantastic businesses and business people we have.

Shoulders back, heads up!