Don’t be a prized turkey… instead, give your competition a good stuffing

You’ve no doubt heard of client expectation versus client budget. However, what about client expectation versus a PR expert’s expectation?

A major part of our role is ensuring that we meet clients’ needs and deliver what they want, when they want it, but quite often clients don’t really know precisely what is required and that’s when a good PR expert comes to the fore.

Sometimes we need a crystal ball, sometimes we need to dilute pages of information and that’s ok, because every client is different and every campaign needs a different approach.

And if you’ve ever questioned why you need a good PR rather than doing it yourself, the proof should be in the (Christmas) pudding!

The main photo accompanying this is a perfect example of what a client provides versus what we produced. It also demonstrates the trust that our client has in us to take the information they give us to deliver an eye-catching result.

In this case, we worked with our media contacts to pitch in an article for one of our food clients on how to create the perfect Christmas feast. Sharing the news with our client, we asked for some guidance on preparing the article since they had 30 years’ experience in the catering industry.

Soon afterwards, we were given a sheet from a notebook with a hand written recipe for cooking a turkey roast. From this, we had to produce a 900-word article, with accompanying photographs for a double page magazine feature.

Apart from the client’s hand written note, we took care of the rest. All they had to do thereafter was approve our written work. We then liaised directly with the publication to ensure everything was in place for a superb feature and the client was delighted with the result.

So, when you question the value of hiring in a good PR, it’s worth weighing up the time it would take you to deliver the same results and build the same media contacts. Time is money after all and if you can find a PR person that you can trust to deliver your vision, it is worth every penny.

As we all make grand plans to grow our sales in 2018, remember that your time is best spent doing what you’re good at…so invite experts into your team to help you deliver great expectations.



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