Do not read this blog




Well, aren’t you a little rebel, we’ll get along just fine!

Now I have your attention it’s my job to keep it and nobody likes a dull blog…so let’s do this in verse.

Every day is a school day, so they say,
You want to improve your skills, but there are obstacles in your way.
Then it’s too late when you speak to the media or make a presentation,
And the mere thought makes you want to go into hibernation.

But there’s no need to be afraid, and not want to step forward,
Take fate into your own hands, be confident and not awkward.
Be a brave company spokesperson on the evening news,
Be brave enough to publicly outline your views.

Who wants to endure boring and dull classroom training?
Not us, and that’s why our media and presentation courses are far from draining.
We create realistic crisis scenarios that will keep your attention.
And our media experts will ease your tension. (honest!)

As journalists, TV presenters and camera crew, we know the secrets of the trade.
And by the end of your day with us, you’ll not be afraid.
You’ll love journalists and be a great spokesperson for your organisation.
And you’ll be desperate to address the nation or deliver that next presentation.

Yes, we’ll put you through your paces and ask some tough questions,
We may film you, and come back with improvement suggestions.
But trust us, in our relaxed environment, you won’t feel the stress,
You’ll enjoy every minute and learn a lot in the process.

We’ve trained oil and gas experts, airport staff and business owners on demand,
And Government teams, bookmakers and even The Church of Scotland!
Our team delivers the training needs of each and every client,
We tailor our courses whether you’re an individual, or a global oil giant.

So forget your usual boring classroom style learning,
Have a chat with us for the type of training you’re yearning.
There’s no point in approaching lots of companies to put them to the test,
You’re wasting your time because Team Frasermedia is the best!


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