Mind your own business


No-one likes other people getting involved in their business, whether professional or personal, but it seems that some just can’t help themselves….and dare I say it, in recent times, Aberdeen’s business community has developed a terrible reputation for spreading unwarranted rumours about competitors.

I get it, it’s a tough market out there but when I hear about a client’s competitor telling people they’ve gone into administration so they can steal contracts or advisors in a local business support organisation telling their clients that someone they’ve engaged is expensive compared to others in the market, it is nothing short of underhand, dirty politics.

We’ve all faced ‘interesting’ times for the past few years, however, I recall at the very start of the downturn one of our most highly respected local businessmen, Sir Ian Wood, called for ‘collaboration’ and encouraged companies to work together for survival.

That word ‘collaboration’ has been misconstrued by some as cut throat, an opportunity to dispose of competitors and a green light to ditch business morals. Well, shame on you.

Having managed my business for ten years, I have never bad mouthed my competitors and never approached my competitors’ clients and this is a moral that I have instilled in every single person that has been in my Frasermedia team over the years. I always think that keeping an eye on your own business and looking ahead is much more profitable than looking over your shoulder at what your competitors are doing. Simply put, mind your own business!

If, like one of our clients, you do find yourself the subject of this dirty Aberdeen politics, there’s nothing like a good bit of PR and a brand awareness boost, which will not only make your nemesis look foolish, it will likely attract new clients more interested in your services than what your competitors are saying.

But don’t shoot from the hip with your PR and don’t try to do it yourself to save money. We’re all trying to make savings but PR is about company reputation and if you value that then you should place value on any PR that you do to promote your brand.

We work with all of our clients on a regular basis ensuring we are rolling out consistent, positive messages and they all have various budgets so it’s not a one size fits all.

So, when I say, ‘mind your own business’, I mean keep an eye on your own ball and don’t get into playing games with your competitors as someone will lose and you risk it being you!

Instead, focus on your own score sheet, focus on raising your profile and continuing to build your own reputation to attract new business. Point scoring is a loser’s game and no-one likes being a loser!



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