Want to grow your brand and sales painfully slowly? Perfect, invest peanuts to hire a monkey!

By Pauline Fraser


How much do you think Richard Branson invests in PR? How much do you think Apple spends on its brand? How much do you think Nike devotes to marketing?

Ok, I hear you, these are all massive brands with enormous budgets but there is one thing for sure, they all started from nothing and I would bet my bottom dollar they were all smart enough to recognise the benefits of trusting experienced professionals to help them grow.

PR should not just increase your profile, it is way more important than that. It develops your brand reputation in the market, it increases interest in your product or service and, ultimately, it grows your sales.

No black art, no voodoo magic, no spin doctors, no confusing graphs and charts promising you the world, it should just support your plans to help grow your sales and increase your customers.

In my time I’ve heard it all – “We’ve got someone that manages our PR for £200 a month”, “We’ve added PR to the receptionist’s role”, “Our web developer is doing our PR and marketing”, “My 14 year old daughter is doing our social media”, “Our IT guy is communications, no?”

At this point, picture the eyes covered monkey emoji… which brings me nicely onto the subject… invest peanuts to hire a monkey.

Take thirty seconds now to think how much your brand is worth? Brand is everything, image is everything and how you portray yourself to the world is the difference between success and failure.

Let me give you three examples;

  • One client worked in a Portakabin with 20 staff when we started working with them in 2013, they’re now in a new £500k headquarters, have increased their staff to 80+ and are listed in The London Stock Exchange 1000 Companies to Inspire.
  • In 2010 we launched a service for another award-winning client and they have seen vast success and growth and have always been committed to regular PR. They recently invested £2.2m rolling out the service across the central belt which increased their customer base from 600 to 7000.
  • We look after a consumer client which launched a store in January 2017 and they now have around 1800 customers per week, more than 6000 Facebook followers and an average of 6K+ views on Facebook lives.

And the best thing about all of those examples… they are all still clients. Why? The results.

So, you’ll never tap into expertise like this for a £200 investment, but if you do invest in expertise you’ll be the one reaping the benefits in your sales.

And that brings me back to the headline… if you want to be frustrated in the growth of your brand, go ahead and hire the cheapest on the market.

But I’ll leave you to ponder this famous quote, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur”.


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